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Mission & Vision

"Less Stuff, More Living"

Our mission is to create a smaller, more flexible alternative to conventional housing, financing, and community development while improving lives along the way. Through planning, sustainable design, smart home technology and innovation, we will provide an option for buyers that are interested in a flexible alternative to conventional housing and mortgage financing.

This mission will be accomplished by employing skilled veterans, skilled individuals with disabilities and collaborating with the communities and municipalities we serve.

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Micro Homes

all abode designs, builds, and develops micro homes and micro studios. We enable additions to your existing property while creating rental and resale value. We also provide mixed retail, light-commercial, and special use container build solutions.

Micro Communities

The all abode vision is to transform lots and neighborhoods starting with underutilized and undervalued property through municipal and county partnering. In addition to Austin and San Antonio, we target Central Texas communities that are becoming affected by urban sprawl and over-anticipated growth. Our projects will protect and enhance the value, aesthetics, and sustainability of the neighborhoods and communities served.

Feasibility Analysis & Design Consulting

To enhance our existing services, we provide basic and detailed site analyses and custom design consulting for customers and developers who need more comprehensive building solutions.

Products & Designs

The Alley Flat Line

As part of our Alley Flat series of microhomes, our initial release features three of our designs.

We used a 16-gauge steel shipping container in our Single 20´ Loft, the 20´ Terrace Loft, and Double 20´ Flip plans for durability and a smaller foundation footprint.

These designs are the creation of the Austin Community Design and Development Center (ACDDC) for the Austin Alley Flat Initiative and are available for Austin and surrounding Central Texas communities.

We will be adding more designs later this year and encourage you to contact us if you are interested in our designs.

The 20´ Terrace Loft

The 20´ Terrace Loft

388´ sq ft Living Space
Starting at $80,000

The 20´ Double Flip

The 20´ Double Flip

517´ sq ft Living Space

304´ sq ft Patio
Starting at $90,000

The Single 20´ Loft

Single 20´ Loft

476.5´ sq ft Living Space
Starting at $84,000

The Simple Concept Line

As part of our initial offer, we have concocted a series of simple, yet beautiful and scalable, designs.

We also used 16-gauge steel shipping containers for those plans for durability and a smaller foundation footprint.

These designs are available for Austin and all surrounding Central Texas communities.

We encourage you to contact if you are interested in a design and to help us drive future, customer-oriented designs.

The 20´ Efficiency

The 20´ Efficiency

160´ sq ft Living Space
Starting at $24,500

The 40´ Efficiency

The 40´ Efficiency

320´ sq ft Living Space
Starting at $42,000


Here is how it works:

You select one of our designs and options.

We perform a site visit and a feasibility analysis.

You prequalify for financing, sign an agreement, and make a down payment.

We begin site preparation, permitting, and build process.

Within 8-16 weeks, your new micro home is ready for occupancy.

You move in and start enjoying your new house.

Review our high-level building process (PDF).

Partners & Influencers

The following organizations or individuals play a role in our success:

Austin Community Design and Development Center (ACDDC)

Falcon Structures

Go Big Solar

Fuse Metalworks, LLC

Digitized House magazine

Conservation Consultancy

Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team and don't hesitate to contact us.
Ken Bodeman

Ken Bodeman

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Collaborative CEO with a vision.

Eric Stevens

Eric Stevens

Fabrication & Design GM

Creative GM with a love for design.

Jean-Luc Mazet

Jean-Luc Mazet

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Multilingual CTO with a purpose.

We love their products and their professionalism. It's great seeing that they care about the environment!

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Spring 2017

Spectrum News Interview

Shipping Containers Used as Alternative Housing Option
all abode was interviewed for an article and video about all abode and Keen products and services with specific examples of our container and hybrid homes.
Ken Bodeman being interviewed by Spectrum News Austin, Texas


"It's a way for them to add a dwelling unit and provide an affordable product to the pool of housing in Austin," said Ken Bodeman of all abode. "It's a hybrid design, designed around affordability, designed around sustainability and a small footprint."


Visit to Keen Development Group's Worksite

The all abode team met with Kristin Kaiser at Keen's container hybrid worksite on 14th Street and Sanchez in Austin, Texas.
As you can see in the next picture, the unit is a mix between a shipping container and a stick-build and is nicely taking shape. You can contact Keen Development Group via email.
Keen Development Group container hybrid build on 14th street and Sanchez in Austin Texas


Winter 2017 - Austin Home and Garden Show

The all abode management team went to the 19th Austin Home and Garden show where they met with several partners and enjoyed seeing so many great vendors that will add value to our existing products as options.
2016 Austin Home and Garden Show with Ken, CEO and Founder
2016 Austin Home and Garden Show main view of the venue


December 2016 - Austin Solar Business Festival

The 2016 inaugural Solar Business Festival in Austin, Texas on December 2nd, 2016, was a success. all abode atended the event as well as over 300 other participants. We captured great solar solutions for our lines of products that will increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Fall 2016 - Visit to Fuse Metalworks

During the bid process for our new Austin unit, the all abode team met with Matt Hefner and Russ Moore at their Austin location (send them an email) where they shared information about the new unit project which led to potential, additional partnering for future projects.
Meeting at Fuse Metalworks with all abode team
Meeting at Fuse Metalworks with all abode team


July 2016 - Gilette (France) Outing

In July, the all abode staff and friends went to explore the market but also the terrain in Gilette, in the French Alps. You can see some pictures in this PDF file.​
Gilette photo

June 2016 - Austin Alley Flat Tour

all abode successfully sponsored the Austin Alley Flat Tour this year in Austin on June 18th. The Tour was a great time to launch our new products. We received accolades and interest from the community. Thank you all! You can still complete the all abode Alley Flat survey or use our form to contact us.​
Alley Flat Tour and Fundraiser 2016

all abode  in the news

all abode is featured in an article in the Digitized House magazine.​